Services on existing buildings

Legalization of buildings

Legalization is a process in which your existing building becomes legal in accordance with the law of Republic of Croatia. Illegal building cannot be sold, registered in cadastre or land register, and you can be legally fined.

Buildings constructed before June 21, 2011 can be legalized if they meet the criteria, and if the application for legalization was submitted withing the legal deadline.

The process of legalization contains all needed tasks (of geodetic, construction, architecture and other nature) to get the according legal act. Legal buildings open new doors like: fulfilming bank loan conditions, applying for EU projects, applying for incentives, easier selling of property…

We differentiate privileged legalization (all buildings build to the date of 21 Jun 2011. according to the Law of treatment with non legal buildings) and regular legalization according to the current Laws of building (current Law of Building and Spatial Planning).

The process of legalization

  • assessment of current situation
  • consulting
  • filed survey
  • completion of your request for legalization and finishing the process of registration
  • obtainment of permit for legalization which completes the process

Building registration

The registration is a process in which your building becomes registered in cadastre and land register.

The registration is mandatory under the Croatian law. The building has to be legalized before you can register it. If you want your building to be registered it can, but doesn’t need to be legal. A legal building has huge adventages, the most important is that you can get legal proof that you have building on your cadastral parcel- which is important for getting Bank loans.

Remark: for getting bank loans, building not only needs to be registered in cadastre and land register, it also needs to be legalized (look chapter Legalization)

The process of registration

  • collecting required documentation
  • obtaining data from cadastre and land registry
  • field survey
  • drafting a surveyor study for registration
  • submitting data to cadastre and land registry